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New Japanese Study Suggests mRNA Vaccines Behind Explosion of Cancer Cases in Japan during the Pandemic|日本最新研究表明,mRNA 疫苗是大流行病期间日本癌症病例激增的幕后推手



A new Japanese study ties “statistically significant” increases in particular kinds of cancers in the country in the period 2020-2022 to the administration of mRNA vaccines. These cancers include ovarian cancer, leukemia, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer and breast cancer. Importantly, the study demonstrates that neither COVID-19 itself nor “reduced cancer care” as a result of the lockdowns is likely to be responsible for these increases.

The study’s abstract explains the motivation for the study, which begins with the observation that significant increases in excess cancer deaths were observed after the first year of the pandemic.

“No significant excess mortality was observed during the first year of the pandemic (2020). However, some excess cancer mortalities were observed in 2021 after mass vaccination with the first and second vaccine doses, and significant excess mortalities were observed for all cancers and some specific types of cancer (including ovarian cancer, leukemia, prostate cancer, lip/oral/pharyngeal cancer, pancreatic cancer, and breast cancer) after mass vaccination with the third dose in 2022,” the abstract explains.

“AMRs [age-adjusted mortality rates] for the four cancers with the most deaths (lung, colorectal, stomach, and liver) showed a decreasing trend until the first year of the pandemic in 2020, but the rate of decrease slowed in 2021 and 2022.”


Professor Angus Dalgleish, a renowned cancer specialist in the UK, warned in 2022 that the vaccinations appeared to be “boosting” cancers and bringing patients out of remission, including his own patients.

He wrote an open letter to the British Medical Journal at the end of that year, in which he argued that the mass-vaccination program needed to be brought to a halt and the serious negative effects of the mRNA vaccines needed to be considered.

“The link with clots, myocarditis, heart attacks and strokes is now well accepted, as is the link with myelitis and neuropathy…

“However, there is now another reason to halt all vaccine programmes. As a practising oncologist I am seeing people with stable disease rapidly progress after being forced to have a booster, usually so they can travel.

“Even within my own personal contacts I am seeing B cell-based disease after the boosters. They describe being distinctly unwell a few days to weeks after the booster – one developing leukaemia, two work colleagues Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and an old friend who has felt like he has had Long Covid since receiving his booster and who, after getting severe bone pain, has been diagnosed as having multiple metastases from a rare B cell disorder.”

Last week Professor Dalgleish hailed the new Japanese study in a piece for a British publication, The Conservative Woman.

“The results are astounding,” he wrote

“It shows there was a deficit for all cancers in the year 2020 when the first and second covid waves occurred. In 2021 there was an excess of deaths of 2.2 per cent and a 1.1 per cent increase in cancers. However, by 2022 the excess deaths had increased 9.6 per cent and cancer by 2.1 per cent. This paper was completed and published before the 2023 figures release which will almost certainly be much worse. What is remarkable here is that we are talking mortality, that is deaths from cancer not incidence of it.”


Black America Is Awake: Alex Jones Interviews Dom Lucre











"甚至在我的个人接触中,我也发现在接受强化剂后出现了以 B 细胞为基础的疾病。据他们描述,在接受强化治疗后的几天到几周内,他们的身体明显不适--其中一人患上了白血病,两位同事患上了非霍奇金淋巴瘤,还有一位老朋友在接受强化治疗后感觉自己患上了Long Covid,在出现剧烈骨痛后,他被诊断出患有罕见B细胞疾病的多发性转移。"



他写道:"研究结果显示,在 2020 年,所有癌症的发病率都有所下降,当时正值第一波和第二波癌症流行期。2021 年,死亡人数增加了 2.2%,癌症增加了 1.1%。然而,到 2022 年,超额死亡人数增加了 9.6%,癌症增加了 2.1%。这篇论文是在 2023 年数据公布之前完成并发表的,而 2023 年的数据几乎肯定会更糟。值得注意的是,我们讨论的是死亡率,即癌症死亡人数,而不是癌症发病率。


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