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Fundraising campaign to support Chinese Christians on mission to Turkey (DEMO)


The 'State of Evangelism' in Turkey 

Turkey, located in the Middle East, has a long history of being predominantly Muslim and largely 'resistant' to the Christian Gospel. For historical reasons and because of the attitude of the authorities, there are not many local Christians in Turkey, nor are there many workers who have been able to enter the country through all wisdom, and it is a country in great need of evangelisation.

Even though it is predominantly Muslim, they are moderate Sunni Muslims, so this resistance to Christianity is not as strong. Turkey is overwhelmingly moderate Muslim, so there is not much of an impact on Christianity.
Turkey is not a Muslim country, it is more accurately understood as a country where the rule of law prevails, where there are Muslims as well as Christians, and they are all protected by law. Because there are many Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East, he is in fact a Muslim country. This Muslim country means that Muslims are the state religion. The constitution of this country clearly states that Muslims are the state religion of the country. This religion has a lot of influence on the legal culture of the country. It is difficult to evangelise in such a country. But there is a country where Muslims are the majority but not the state religion, namely Turkey. Their various religions are protected by law.

Turkey's rich Christian spiritual heritage

"What thou sawest shall be written in the book, da with the seven churches of Ephesus, and Sphenna, and Pergamum, and Thyatira, and Sardis, and Philadelphia, and Laodicea." -- Revelation 1:11

The seven churches of Revelation, Troas, Ashok, Hierapolis (Cotton Castle), Colosse, Antioch and Iconium in Pisidia, the home of the Virgin Mary, the tomb of the Apostle John, the birthplace of Paul in Tarsus, the birth of Timothy in Lystra, Mount Ararat where the Ark rested after the Flood, Haran where Abraham lived, and the Stonehenge of Gobekli (probably the site of the Garden of Eden).

The importance of Turkey's geographical position 

Turkey straddles the Eurasian continent, on the border continent with Syria and Iraq, and is a European country! The importance of Turkey's geographical position in the world is mainly highlighted by its shipping and military value.

(1) Shipping value: The Turkish Strait is the main sea traffic route, which connects the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and is the only sea port for Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia and other countries. The strait has a Mediterranean climate, with calm winds and waves most of the year, slow currents and few beaches and reefs, making it a very busy shipping area, with about 40,000 ships and hundreds of warships passing through every year, with a total tonnage of 400 million tons (excluding warships).

2) Military value: Turkey is the gateway to the Black Sea from West Asia, North Africa and Southern Europe. This unique geographical position has made it a must for soldiers in the past, present and future. Over the last two centuries, the European powers have been engaged in a long and fierce struggle for control of the Straits. In 1936, an international conference on the Straits of Turkey was convened and an agreement was reached between the countries concerned. In 1936, an international conference on the Strait of Turkey was held and an agreement was reached, which provided for the free passage of ships of all countries through the Strait, as well as the passage of warships of the countries bordering the Black Sea, with the exception of aircraft carriers, while the passage of warships of countries not bordering the Black Sea was subject to certain restrictions. Now that the Soviet Union has collapsed and the Warsaw Pact has ceased to exist, NATO is actively expanding to the east and Turkey has joined as the southern wing of NATO.

Raised 77.00 HDO

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