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Biotechnological Approaches for Production of Artemisinin, an Anti-Malarial Drug from Artemisia annua L.

The article from MDPI discusses various biotechnological approaches to enhance the production of artemisinin, an important anti-malarial drug derived from the plant Artemisia annua. It covers the significance of artemisinin in malaria treatment and explores methods like tissue culture, genetic engineering, and bioreactor-based approaches to boost its yield. The review particularly focuses on the propagation of A. annua through cell and organ cultures, employing strategies like elicitation and metabolic engineering to optimize artemisinin production.

The article elaborates on using tissue culture, genetic engineering, and bioreactor techniques to improve artemisinin production from Artemisia annua. It discusses cell and organ culture methods to propagate the plant, utilizing elicitation strategies that stimulate artemisinin production. The text also covers genetic modifications to enhance biosynthetic pathways. These approaches aim to meet the growing demand for artemisinin, crucial for effective malaria treatments.

这篇来自MDPI的文章讨论了多种生物技术方法,以提高青蒿(Artemisia annua)中青蒿素这种重要抗疟疾药物的产量。文章介绍了青蒿素在疟疾治疗中的重要性,并探讨了通过组织培养、基因工程和生物反应器技术来增加其产量的方法。特别关注的是通过细胞和器官培养来繁殖青蒿,采用如诱导法和代谢工程等策略来优化青蒿素的生产。




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