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科学上网必备4件套(标配)|Essential 4-Piece Kit for Scientific Internet Access (Standard Edition)  

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科学上网必备4件套(标配)|Essential 4-Piece Kit for Scientific Internet Access (Standard Edition)

   (0 reviews)
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  1. 非中国区苹果手机ID:指的是在苹果设备上使用非中国区的Apple ID账号。通过切换至非中国区Apple ID,用户可以访问其他国家或地区的App Store,下载那些在中国区不可用的应用程序。
  2. Shadowrocket(小火箭):App Store的主流翻墙代理软件 。 是一种基于SOCKS5代理的科学上网工具,通过加密和混淆网络流量,绕过网络封锁。 
  3. 翻墙纯净IP节点:指的是一种用于科学上网的服务器节点,具有良好的网络性能和较低的封锁风险,以提供稳定和高速的翻墙服务。
  4. 国外接码非实名电话卡:是指在国外购买的可以接收短信和电话的电话卡,通常不需要提供实名信息进行注册和激活(Gettr、Discord、Telegram、WhatsApp、Instagram)。这种电话卡常用于一次性验证、匿名注册或绕过短信验证码等需求。



电话:+1 484 3769980



Essential Kit for Accessing the Internet Beyond China (Standard Edition)

Shadowrocket (小火箭): A leading VPN proxy app available on the App Store. It employs SOCKS5 proxy technology to bypass network restrictions by encrypting and obfuscating network traffic.

Pure VPN IP Nodes: These are servers used for accessing the internet via VPN, known for their strong network performance and low risk of being blocked, providing stable and high-speed VPN services.

Foreign Non-real-name Phone Cards: These are phone cards purchased overseas that can receive SMS and calls. Typically, they don't require real-name registration or activation, making them suitable for one-time verification, anonymous registration, or bypassing SMS verification requirements on platforms like Gettr, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram.


Contact Information:

Phone: +1 484 3769980
WhatsApp : https://wa.me/14843769980


本广告短链接|Short link for this advertisement: gettr.ink/ist7mJ

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