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The Ecosystem|Himalaya生态系统



The Ecosystem

A critical component to achieving mass acceptance, adoption and sustainability of any cryptocurrency while enhancing value and utility, is the development of an ecosystem sufficient to give intrinsic value to the currency and incentivize adoption and use. The Issuer and its affiliates are working to develop the Himalaya Ecosystem through partnerships with businesses and with the aim of expanding this over time.

By establishing and developing the Himalaya Ecosystem, the goal is to onboard established brands and high-volume partnerships, as well as boost start-ups within the ecosystem. Investment has been made in Point-of-Sale hardware with the ultimate aim of allowing merchants to accept our tokens around the globe with low fees and instant settlement processing systems.

The Himalaya Ecosystem of initial partners and affiliates is currently scheduled to go live following the roll-out of all other products and services and Members will be notified in advance of the launch date. The Himalaya Ecosystem will give eligible members access to our global merchants.

More details of the Himalaya Ecosystem will be published on the Himalaya Exchange website and Support pages.








更多有关Himalaya生态系统的详情将会在Himalaya Exchange网站和支援中心的页面上公布。



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