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转载来自 Himalaya Exchange 官方的消息 
Here is a message reposted from the official Himalaya Exchange.

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The definitive guide to Himalaya Exchange:Buy & Sell - Market Orders|Himalaya Exchange 完整指南:买入和卖出- 市价订单

The definitive guide to Himalaya Exchange:Buy & Sell - Market Orders What is Market Order? Market Order enables users to buy or sell at the current, best available price. After submitting your Market Order, the Exchange will automatically choose the best available buy/sell rate from the Order Book to match your order. The order is usually traded immediately, unless there are no buyers or sellers trading at that time. For example, Mr. B wants to sell 1 HCN immedia

The definitive guide to Himalaya Exchange:Buy & Sell|Himalaya Exchange 完整指南: 买入和卖出

The definitive guide to Himalaya Exchange:Buy & Sell There are 3 ways to BUY and SELL coins on Himalaya Exchange: • Quick Trade: This option will allow you to purchase the coins at the current available price in the market, without the need to access the Trading Page. • Limit Order: On the Trading Page, this option will allow you to set your desired to buy or sell a coin. • Market Order: On the Trading Page, this option will allow you to buy or sell coins at the curren

The definitive guide to Himalaya Exchange:Using the Chart|Himalaya Exchange 完整指南:使用图表

The definitive guide to Himalaya Exchange:Using the Chart Welcome to Himalaya Exchange Trading Page. You can find the trading pairs (HCN/HDO), Current (Last) price and 24 hours changes of trading prices (High, Low and volume) on the top section.   Candlestick charts The trading chart (Candlestick charts) is located in the middle of the Trading interface. Here are the options that you can select your trading chart display other than candlestick, for instance, Bas

The definitive guide to Himalaya Exchange:Trading Page |Himalaya Exchange 完整指南:交易页面

The definitive guide to Himalaya Exchange:Trading Page To enter the Himalaya Exchange Trading page, sign into your account and click the Himalaya Exchange link at the top left side of our Official Website. Here is a quick guide of the trading interface: Area 1: Trading Pairs Area 2: Trading volume of trading pair in 24 hours Area 3: Sell order book Area 4: Buy order book Area 5: Candlestick chart, Trading View and Market Depth Area 6: Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency (Type of

The Ecosystem|Himalaya生态系统

The Ecosystem A critical component to achieving mass acceptance, adoption and sustainability of any cryptocurrency while enhancing value and utility, is the development of an ecosystem sufficient to give intrinsic value to the currency and incentivize adoption and use. The Issuer and its affiliates are working to develop the Himalaya Ecosystem through partnerships with businesses and with the aim of expanding this over time. By establishing and developing the Himalaya Ecos

Initial Issuance|首次发行

Initial Issuance The Initial Issuance of Himalaya Coin will be made available to members of the Himalaya Exchange on a private placement basis. This means that only members who have been formally notified by the Himalaya Exchange prior to the commencement of, or during Phase 1, that they may participate in the Initial Issuance (the customers are referred to as "Private Placement Participants") are able to pre-order Himalaya Coins. Private Placement Participants

Launch and Roll Out|发行和产品与服务之分阶段推出

Launch and Roll Out The initial launch of the Himalaya Coin and the roll-out of associated products and services is intended to be phased over a period of around 2 months. The objective of the phased roll-out is to maximise liquidity on the Himalaya Exchange from the first day of trading and to achieve optimum utility for users of the associated products and services. The anticipated timetable for the phased roll-out is: Phase 1 April 2021 Himalaya Exchange Pre-Launch and Launch of

The Initial Offering and Allocation|首次发行和私人配售

The Initial Offering and Allocation The Initial Issuance is being undertaken on a private placement basis and will only be available to Private Placement Participants who have opened an account with the Himalaya Exchange. Private Placement Participants who wish to participate in the Initial Issuance must complete registration and verification procedures and open an account with the Himalaya Exchange. Following the opening of their account, participants may purchase Himalaya Dollar Cred

Himalaya Exchange Fees |Himalaya Exchange:收费

Himalaya Exchange Fees Spot trading - Our fees are charged on a per-transaction basis every time you buy and sell on the Himalaya Exchange.   All coins available for trading on Himalaya Exchange are tradeable at one flat fee. Himalaya Exchange uses a flat fee rate of 0.25% for both maker and taker across all order books.     For the first three (3) months following the official Exchange launch (2nd November 2021) we offered an 80% discount on the trading fees making the
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