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Launch and Roll Out|发行和产品与服务之分阶段推出



Launch and Roll Out

The initial launch of the Himalaya Coin and the roll-out of associated products and services is intended to be phased over a period of around 2 months. The objective of the phased roll-out is to maximise liquidity on the Himalaya Exchange from the first day of trading and to achieve optimum utility for users of the associated products and services. The anticipated timetable for the phased roll-out is:

Phase 1
April 2021
Himalaya Exchange Pre-Launch and Launch of Himalaya Dollar
Private Placement Participants may apply to open a Himalaya Exchange account and complete KYC procedures.

Following opening of an account, members may use USD to top up their account and automatically purchase Himalaya Dollar Credits on a 1:1 ratio.

Phase 2
July 2021
Himalaya Coin Launch
Registration period for Private Placement Participants expires.
Private Placement Participants may purchase Himalaya Coin Credits up to their allocated amount.

Phase 3
Nov 2021
Full Himalaya Exchange Launch and Himalaya Pay App
Members may commence trading Himalaya Dollar, Himalaya Coin and other cryptocurrency credits through their account on the Himalaya Exchange.
The Himalaya Exchange is open to the public for registration and trading and the Himalaya Pay App to start sending and receiving payments globally.

Phase 4
Coming Soon
Himalaya Exchange App
Members of the Himalaya ecosystem may download the Himalaya Exchange App to begin trading on the move.


* The Phase 1 period may be extended at the discretion of the Himalaya Exchange. Where the Phase 1 period is extended, the commencement dates for Phase 2 and Phase 3 will be delayed by the same period. The timing for launch of any Phase or any part of any Phase may be delayed by the Himalaya Exchange or any other provider where it determines such delay is necessary as a result of the ongoing impact of SARS-CoV-2 and/or overwhelming demand for our offering.





HCN的首次启动和相关产品及服务之推出预计将在大约 2 个月的时间内分阶段进行。 分阶段推出的目的是从交易的第一天起,最大限度地提高Himalaya Exchange 的流动性,并为相关产品和服务的用户实现最佳效用。分阶段推出主要产品和服务的预期时间表如下:

第一阶段 2021年4月 Himalaya Exchange预先注册及Himalaya Dollar之发行 私人配售参与者可申请开立Himalaya Exchange账户,并完成KYC程序。开立账户后,私人配售参与者可以1:1的比例购买Himalaya Dollar信用积分,对其账户进行充值。

第二阶段 2021年7月 Himalaya Coin之发行 私人配售参与者的注册期结束。私人配售参与者可购买获分配数量内的HCN信用积分。

第三阶段 2021年11月 Himalaya Exchange全面启动 Himalaya Pay App正式上线

会员可透过其Himalaya Exchange账户交易HDO、HCN和其他加密货币的信用积分。此阶段,Himalaya Exchange将会开放给公众注册和交易。会员可下载Himalaya Pay App,在全球范围内发送和接收付款。

第四阶段 即将推出 Himalaya Exchange App Himalaya生态系统之会员可以下载Himalaya Exchange App,立即展开交易。

* Himalaya Exchange可根据其判断延长第一阶段。若第一阶段的期限予以延长,第二阶段和第三阶段的开始日期亦将顺延相同的期限。若因SARS-CoV-2的持续影响及/或对相关发行的巨大需求,且Himalaya Exchange或任何其他提供商认定有必要,则可延迟任何阶段、或任何阶段之任何要素的时间。



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