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The Initial Offering and Allocation|首次发行和私人配售



The Initial Offering and Allocation

The Initial Issuance is being undertaken on a private placement basis and will only be available to Private Placement Participants who have opened an account with the Himalaya Exchange.

Private Placement Participants who wish to participate in the Initial Issuance must complete registration and verification procedures and open an account with the Himalaya Exchange. Following the opening of their account, participants may purchase Himalaya Dollar Credits by making payment to the bank account of the Himalaya Exchange.

All Private Placement Participants who have been formally notified by the Himalaya Exchange, may participate in the Initial Issuance up to a maximum agreed and specified allocation amount.

Following the launch of the full Himalaya Exchange, the purchase and trade of Himalaya Coins and Himalaya Dollars will be open to all members of the Himalaya Exchange at the market price.





首次发行以私人配售的方式进行,仅提供给已在Himalaya Exchange开户的私人配售参与者。

私人配售参与者如有意参与首次发行,必须完成注册和验证程序,并开立Himalaya Exchange账户。开立账户后,参与者可以通过向Himalaya Exchange的银行账户付款购买Himalaya Dollar 信用积分。

所有在第一阶段开始前或在此期间获Himalaya Exchange 正式通知的私人配售参与者,均可参与首次发行,其购买数量不得超过已同意的最大和指定分配数量。

在Himalaya Exchange完全启动后,Himalaya Coin和Himalaya Dollar将以市场价格向所有Himalaya Exchange的会员开放买卖。



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