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Scientific Internet Essentials 4-piece Set (Standard Configuration)

  1. Non-China Apple mobile phone ID: refers to the use of non-China Apple ID accounts on Apple devices. By switching to a non-China Apple ID, users can access App Stores in other countries or regions and download applications that are not available in China.
  2. Shadowrocket(Little Rocket): App Store's mainstream over-the-wall proxy software. It is a scientific Internet access tool based on SOCKS5 proxy, which bypasses network blockade by encrypting and obfuscating network traffic. the
  3. Over the wall pure IP node: refers to a server node used for scientific Internet access, with good network performance and low risk of blocking, in order to provide stable and high-speed over the wall service.
  4. Non-real-name calling card for overseas receiving code: refers to a calling card purchased abroad that can receive text messages and calls, and usually does not need to provide real-name information for registration and activation (Gettr, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram). This phone card is often used for one-time verification, anonymous registration, or bypassing SMS verification codes.

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