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Dr. brendan kavanagh piano |中国小粉红和英国钢琴家的事件

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Police Called To Stop Filming During Piano Livestream


CCP walk up to a British public piano and call the police to say filming them is not allowed. The fun starts at 9:14

Appearances Can Be Misleading When You Sing The Blues


Jim sings the blues with some help from Dr K



The Chinese Video - Worldwide Interest And TalkTV Interview Tonight

Dr K will be  interviewed on the Mike Graham show on TalkTV this evening Mon 22nd, 9.15 pm  GMT


Dr K Vs. The Chinese Communists - Interview On TalkTV


Dr K interviewed on the Mike Graham Show on TalkTV about his clash with the CCP stooges who tried to stop his filming in a public place in the UK.

This Whole Situation Just Got Even CRAZIER

Elton John has been asked to comment on the fact that his piano in now cordoned off and guarded by Security.

Update and Interview On Piers Morgan Uncensored This Eve

DrK will be interviewed at 8pm tonight on Piers Morgan Uncensored Wed 24th Jan

Dr K Interviewed On The Piers Morgan Show About The 'Chinese Incident'

As this story keeps getting bigger and bigger, Dr K has a chat with Piers Morgan about Free Speech and defying the Chinese Communists.



Chinese Commies Go GAGA And Start A Smear Campaign

The ‘little pink’ communists have started a disinformation campaign on Social Media…


They Are DESPERATE To Delete The Livestream

I Just turned on my computer and got yet another complaint on the 'Chinese Incident' livestream. Seems like its making the right people uncomfortable...

DON'T TOUCH HER! (Nasty Newton Remix)

This is now becoming quite a cool meme. CREDIT: BENSON TSAI

Ok, so now I can talk about the death threats

Feeling a bit more confident now to reveal some of the things that happened immediately after the video went viral

I Just Got Back From St Pancras To Find THIS


The Return To The Public Piano - Documented by TalkTV

Talk TV did a spot on yesterday's return to the piano where the 'Chinese Incident' occured.


She deleted it on Instagram, so I uploaded it to YouTube


How 'PIANOGATE' Was Reported In The Far East

The public piano is now FREE and has become a designated CCP FREE zone and a symbol of defiance.


Chinese Communist Dances To Boogie Woogie

The power of boogie woogie to unite us all


Enjoying the FREE Piano With An Appreciative Crowd

The piano is FREE


Latest update


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“Don’t touch her!”
“You are not the same age! “🤣🤣🤣

End of the CCP👏👏👏👍📣
Little pink (小粉红)🤭,大外宣在全球丢尽了脸。

为什么这些华人在英国国王火车站 会和K 博士发生如此激烈的冲突?




是 ,我看视频的时候,那个傻帽的咆哮,差点把我捭机喇叭都震坏了








为什么有巨婴价值观的人 会那么自信爆表?


Why did these Chinese individuals at King's Cross Station in the UK have such intense conflicts with Dr. K?

It's a clash between the giant baby values and universal values.

What are the giant baby values?

First type: "I roar, so I'm right";

Yes, when I was watching the video, that fool's roaring almost blew out my earphones.

What else?

Second type: "Your territory, listen to me";

They have a strong desire for control, like peeing everywhere.

Anything else?

Third type: "I'll set up traps, and you'll be unlucky";

Yes, when someone touched their flag, they escalated it to claiming that the person touched the girl, satisfying their trap-setting addiction.

Why are people with giant baby values so confidently assertive?

Because some wolf warriors don't realize they are cockroaches.



Dr K is BACK to the piano with Winnie the Pooh and shows his support for HK and Taiwan.

evolved into a diplomatic incident. It was basically caused by the fact that I said No to the CCP. The behavior of the shouty guy shows that he was not used to be told No. He questioned me as if I was in China and was in a camp. He also played the race card, and once you say you are racist, the UK policemans just melt. It is an unholy wedlock between political correctness and authoritarianism, and he weaponized it. CCP, you attempted to take down the video, but we are keeping it up !

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