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Artemisinin is the elixir of immortality for humans

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Artemisinin is the elixir of immortality for humans. 

Artemisinin is too inexpensive, but it's being prevented from use by dark forces, just like how penicillin was. Scientists from the NEW FEDERAL STATE OF CHINA in Europe say that if the world's doctors openly discuss and research artemisinin, it would definitely be the elixir of immortality for humanity.

Cancer, AIDS, and all diseases essentially disrupt the body's immune system, causing blockages in all blood vessels. Artemisinin completely cleanses and clears the body's blood vessels, fundamentally resolving human diseases.





Long COVID may be caused by the vaccine, long-term vaccine sequelae. 长新冠,可能是因疫苗导致的 长期疫苗后遗症。 


At Long Covid Clinic, 70% of Patients Have Long Vax

Refer to: https://expose-news.com/2024/04/07/the-era-of-long-vax-has-quietly-arrived/


The main message of the video is:

The three main antidotes for vaccines are:

1. Artemisinin and its derivatives (recent feedback suggests that artemether is the best choice),

2. Ivermectin,

3. Vitamin D3 injections (testing for deficiency is required first, as the efficacy of injections and oral dosage forms are completely different).

视频主要表达的意思是: 疫苗的三个主要解药是: 1.青蒿素及其衍生物(最近两年的反馈来看,青蒿琥脂最佳), 2.伊维菌素 3.维生素D3针剂(需先测试是否缺乏,针剂和口服的药剂效果完全不同)




Observations on the anti-disease effects of Artemisia annua leaves being higher than artemisinin align with the practical efficacy in Africa during the pandemic and observations by American scientists. However, the mechanism of its efficacy awaits clarification. The timing of ferrous sulfate intake before Artemisia administration is valuable experiential knowledge and worthy of consideration.

However, the discussion on the pharmacokinetics of artemisinin and artemether seems to generalize. After intravenous injection of artemether, blood drug concentration quickly decreases, with a half-life (t1/2) of only about 30 minutes; the half-life of oral artemether tablets is approximately 1.3-3.2 hours. The half-life of artemisinin in the human body is just over 1 hour (there is an error in the article!). Since the effective blood drug half-life and bioavailability are crucial for the anti-malarial efficacy, the development of artemisinin-based anti-malarial drugs in the past 40-50 years has mainly focused on improving these shortcomings of artemisinin. However, this literature review seems to create confusion on this crucial issue.


其中的黄花蒿植物叶的抗许多病症效果高于青蒿素的观察,符合疫情期在非洲的应用实效及美国科学家的观察发现。但其疗效有别的机理有待明确;亚铁在青蒿给药前的服用时间经验很有价值,值得借鉴考虑。 但,药物代谢动力学中的青蒿素与青蒿琥酯血药半衰期信息有点以偏概全。琥酯静脉注射后血药浓度很快下降,半衰期(t1/2)仅为30分钟左右;口服青蒿琥酯片剂半衰期约为1.3-3.2小时。而青蒿素在人体内半衰期仅1小时余(文章中的信息有错误!)。因有效血药半衰期和生物利用度是抗疟疗效的关键,故过去40-50年的青蒿抗疟药开发主要就是围绕改进青蒿素的这些缺陷而展开。而这篇文献总结似乎在这个关键问题上给人混淆迷惑的映像。



Blood-brain barrier   血脑屏障

Gynecological diseases 妇科疾病, 

prostate diseases 前列腺疾病, 

neurological diseases 脑部疾病.

Lipid solubility characteristics. 脂溶性特点

To reach the nerve endings  到达神经末梢 

Half-life of 1 hour. 半衰期 1小时。

Clearing vascular debris 清理血管垃圾


Invention patent 发明专利

The essence of the content is written in the patent  精华的内容写在专利里。




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