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2024.05.22-Update: Miles Trial

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2024.05.22 Miles Trial - Day 1



2024.05.22 MILES TRIAL (Chinese-English machine subtitles)

2024.05.22 L文贵先生庭审进展(中英双语机器字幕)



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Miles Guo's Trial Begins in NY

WolvesAndFinance: This week, the trial against Miles Guo started in New York. He is accused of committing $1B of fraud. I have been researching this case for a year, and I am convinced this man is innocent. I will explain why this week on Wolves and Finance.

Gettr: https://www.gettr.com/user/financewolves

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2024年5月30日对凯琳女士(Karin Maistrello)交叉询问过程中,施洛夫律师的审问策略成功削弱凯琳女士证词的可靠性(中英双语) 来源:节选自2024-05-30 庭审记录 618-621页

On May 30, 2024, during the cross-examination of Ms. Karin Maistrello, Attorney Schloff's questioning strategy successfully undermined the reliability of Ms. Maistrello's testimony (Bilingual).

Source: Excerpt from the Court Transcript, May 30, 2024, Pages 618-621





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MilesTrial Day 6 (1) Government witness Karin Maistrello, Guo's former translator, admitted that she had worked for the FBI. (2) Karin attended the Rule of Law Foundation board meeting where the cyber attacks on Guo and G-media were discussed. (3) Karin set up the security protocol for Golden Spring's office, but she testified yesterday, "There was no need for security, like, for a bodyguard in this true sense of the term." (4) Karin appeared to have a selective memory.

Day 6 of Miles Trial The prosecution called Witnesses 5 and 6. The repeated anti-CCP themes in the testimony made the Chinese Communist Party the real defendant in this trial.






#MilesTrial Day 5 The fourth witness testified today that she traveled to France to investigate the death of HNA CEO Wang Jian, who was murdered by the CCP. Miles Guo released photos and video footage of the investigation to the public in 2018.


Day 5 of Miles Trial. The defense team presented evidence of the CCP's persecution of Miles Guo through its "Operation Fox Hunt," while the testimony of the prosecution witnesses inadvertently painted a historical picture of the Whistleblower Movement.



#MilesTrial Day 4 The jury inspected G|Fashion items that the government's witness (a former member of the #NFSC) claimed were ordinary. Let the G|Fashion products speak for themselves.


Day 4 of Miles' trial. A third prosecution witness testified that "G" in the G series stood for Miles Guo. However, this testimony is completely false and contradicts what Miles Guo's statement that "G" stands for God, Gold, Goal, and Good.



MilesTrial Day 3: MilesGuo's lawyer, Sabrina Shroff, gave an emotional opening statement that brought #Miles to tears, and the jury to tears as well. The statement mentioned, 1) Miles came from a poor family and became a property developer in China. He founded the



Miles Guo's trial officially began on the third day of the trial. In her opening statement, Miles' lawyer cited many facts about the CCP's persecution of Miles Guo, showing that Miles is innocent and that everything he did was to bring down the CCP..



Ms. Sabrina Shroff presented the opening statement on behalf of Defendant Mr. Miles Guo in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on May 24, 2024.



Miles Guo has repeatedly revealed since 2017 that Phoenix TV is a spy and intelligence agency controlled by the CCP's Ministry of Security, which takes orders from the CCP to deal with the Whistleblowers Movement and the NFSC.




MilesTrial Day 2: (1) Miles was smiling, looking confident, well rested, and upbeat. (2) 3 of the 12 jurors were confirmed. (3) The judge announced that almost 100 new candidates would be coming.




MilesTrial Day 2: On day 2 of Miles' trial, Miles Guo was relaxed, confident and smiling throughout the proceedings. All jurors will be selected tomorrow and the trial will begin immediately thereafter.



MilesTrial Day 1 Observation Every time a juror came up and walked by Miles, Miles would smile and look at them, back and forth like in a tennis match. He woke up at four or five today and he was totally focused.




On the first day of the U.S. trial of Mr. Miles Guo, the CCP's number one enemy, as fellow NFSC freedom fighters brought first-hand reports from the trial.


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