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AD-【Creative Seeking】Seeking Three Visually Striking HCTTM Design Images|【创意征集】寻求三张具有视觉冲击力的HCTTM设计图

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【Creative Seeking】Seeking Three Visually Striking HCTTM Design Images|【创意征集】寻求三张具有视觉冲击力的HCTTM设计图

标题:【Creative Seeking】Seeking Three Visually Striking HCTTM Design Images |【创意征集】寻求三张具有视觉冲击力的HCTTM设计图

We are looking for creative artists or designers to create three unique and memorable images for our project "HCTTM". HCTTM stands for "H Coin To The Moon", and we want these five letters to stand out in your design.
我们正在寻找创意无限的艺术家或设计师,为我们的项目“HCTTM”制作三张独特而深刻的图像。HCTTM是“H Coin To The Moon”的简称,我们希望这五个字母在您的设计中能够显得突出并令人印象深刻。


  1. The images can be hand-drawn or digitally created. 图片可以采用手绘或数字绘制的方式。
  2. The design should focus on the five letters "HCTTM", other elements are free to play, but the overall design should be unforgettable.   设计需要围绕“HCTTM”五个字母展开,其他元素可以自由发挥,主要是要确保整体设计令人过目不忘。
  3. We encourage you to show originality and innovative thinking; your design should inspire curiosity and a desire to explore in viewers.   我们鼓励您展示原创性和创新思维,您的设计应该能激发观者的好奇心和探索欲。

Each accepted design will be compensated with 17 GTR (GETTR Points). GETTR Points are a platform-specific reward for GETTR users, which can be earned through participation in platform activities or interaction with other users, and can be redeemed for rewards such as gift cards on the GETTR platform.
每张被采纳的设计我们将支付17 GTR(GETTR Points)。GETTR Points是专为GETTR用户设计的平台内奖励,可以通过参与平台活动或与其他用户交互来赚取,并且可以在GETTR平台内兑换礼品卡等奖励。


Please submit your works by replying to this post by September 1, 2024.



Community Voting: Community members can use the online voting system to select their favorite designs. Each registered user can respond by liking the design they consider the best in the bottom right corner of the post.

社区投票: 社区用户可以通过在线投票系统选择他们最喜欢的作品。每个注册用户可在作品的右下角通过点赞来回应,选出他们认为最佳的设计。

Organizer Selection: As the event organizers, we will select works based on brand image and market needs. Our selection will take into account the community's feedback and voting results.

主办方选择: 作为活动的主办方,我们将基于品牌形象和市场需求来选择作品。我们的选择将充分考虑社区的反馈和投票结果。

Combined Selection: The final award-winning works will be determined by the organizers after integrating the results of community voting.





Please ensure that your submissions are original and have not been authorized for use by others. We look forward to your outstanding creations, joining us to create an unforgettable visual feast!


Short Link : https://gettr.ink/mDmiDG

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HCoinTOTheMoon- HCTTM-1.jpg


Newborn Hope:

  • 第一张图片展示了五个蛋,其中四个蛋上分别刻有 “H”、“C”、“T”、“T” 四个字母,而第五个蛋破壳而出,里面是一只带有 “M” 字样的小鸡。这幅图片象征着新生与希望,寓意 HCTTM 将带来全新的机遇和未来。
  • The first image shows five eggs, with four eggs inscribed with the letters "H," "C," "T," and "T," and the fifth egg hatching with a chick bearing the letter "M." This image symbolizes new life and hope, implying that HCTTM will bring new opportunities and a bright future.




HCoinTOTheMoon- HCTTM-2.jpg


Journey of Dreams:

  • 第二张图片展示了一个打开的行李箱,里面仿佛是一个热带岛屿的微型世界,有椰树、海滩、飞机和 HCTTM 的字样。这幅图片展现了 HCTTM 带来的无限可能性和梦想之旅,激发人们对探索和冒险的渴望。
  • The second image shows an open suitcase, appearing as a miniature tropical island with palm trees, a beach, an airplane, and the letters HCTTM. This image showcases the infinite possibilities and dream journeys that HCTTM brings, inspiring people's desire for exploration and adventure.



HCoinTOTheMoon- HCTTM-3.jpg


To the Moon:

  • 第三张图片展示了 HCTTM 的标志背景是月球,下面写着 “HCOIN TO THE MOON”。这幅图片传达了 HCTTM 的宏伟目标和雄心壮志,象征着 H Coin 将飞跃至更高的高度,达成前所未有的成就。
  • The third image features the HCTTM logo with the moon in the background and the phrase "HCOIN TO THE MOON" below. This image conveys the grand ambition and lofty goals of HCTTM, symbolizing H Coin's leap to new heights and unprecedented achievements.





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