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PayMap是什么 ?|What is PayMap?

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PayMap 是 第一个以支持 HDO、GTR 为特色的 HPAY 粉丝社区,专注于虚拟礼品卡的二手交易。

PayMap is the first HPAY fan community featuring support for HDO, focusing on the secondary trading of virtual gift cards.



It is reported that Himalaya Coin (HCN) may soon be listed on the Coinbase wallet, and this forum is also planning to introduce a feature that supports payments via the Coinbase wallet! This means that in the future, we will be able to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and any other cryptocurrencies supported by Coinbase Commerce.

As shown in the image below: Coinbase wallet payment interface.

如下图所所示:CoinBase 钱包支付界面





俄乌战争爆发后,俄罗斯受到美国的金融制裁,被切断Swift,全球银行间金融交易和支付执行相关的服务 。切断Swift就像当于切断了俄罗斯资金跨境收付清算的“信息流”。 这时候俄罗斯的人们发现ATM机和网银的国际转账功能都歇菜啦!卢布瞬间暴跌!不分好人坏人,都有银行卡可能无法取钱的问题。


喜联储(Himalaya Exchange)它存在的最大意义就是在未来病毒溯源真相揭开以后,全世界声讨中共声讨中国,要冻结中国人海外资产用于赔偿,喜联储是唯一安全的且可以容纳足够资金的金融蓄水池。 

随着美国病毒溯源正式推进以及全世界各国政府政客们推行强制人民打疫苗的真相曝光,人民将不再相信政府。当人们失去了对政府的信任,以政府信背书的全世界法币将逐步退出历史舞台。 问题来了:未来人们将如何便捷的买水、买食物,购买日用生活用品?   

只要有手机和网络,喜支付/HPAY(Himalaya Pay)就可以买水喝、买药吃、买面包、买油,这就是 PayMap 社区推动的目标。   


d.各行技术类别     等咨询服务业


  • 注册、使用HPAY的教程攻略分享。
  • 跟着数字货币玩家,一起发掘HPAY的新玩法! 
  • 体验现阶段HPAY点到点交易的Swift功能。
  • 加入兴趣爱好小组,一起探讨推广HPAY经验。
  • 创业开店(筹备上线中...)
  • 众筹(募款) 
  • ...




第二阶段:当有足够多的HPAY用户,我们开始按行业或地域来划分专业小组、二手实物商品交易、上线个人开店功能等 。  



          2. PAYMAP社区不隶属于其它任何组织,属于HPAY粉丝用户创立的社区。 





What is PayMap?

PayMap is a platform that aims to establish an HPAY community, allowing users to explore various aspects of mainstream digital currency trading scenarios, virtual goods transactions, and, in subsequent phases, the organization of specialized groups based on industry or region, as well as the facilitation of second-hand physical goods transactions and the launch of personal store functionalities. It is currently in the free open registration testing phase, and it may transition to invitation-only registration in the future. PAYMAP is an independent community founded by HPAY fans and users.


Site Story:

Nobel laureate in economics, Hayek, believes that the sole cause of inflation is excessive currency issuance, and the root of monetary overissuance lies in the government's monopoly over currency issuance. The serious harm caused by inflation is not just the social unrest and anxiety caused by rising prices; the most severe consequence is the disruption of market mechanisms. As long as the quantity of money does not increase, whether it's higher wages or higher prices for oil and food, it cannot raise the overall price level of goods. Therefore, the cycle of vicious inflation and economic crisis has a direct causal relationship with monetary monopoly: when politicians hold the exclusive right to issue currency and face various temptations and complex situations, it is impossible to expect them to rationally restrain the impulse to print money. Thus, the first and foremost step in the scientific governance of a democratic country is a thorough reform of the current currency issuance system, even if it is extremely challenging.

After the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, Russia faced financial sanctions from the United States, being cut off from Swift, the global banking system for financial transactions and payment execution-related services. Cutting off Swift is akin to severing the "information flow" for Russia's cross-border funds settlement. At this moment, Russians found that the international transfer functions of ATMs and online banking were suspended! The ruble plummeted instantly! Regardless of who is right or wrong, there is a possibility that bank cards may be unable to withdraw money.

This may not be far from the Chinese people, but I am sure that many people may not fully realize how serious this issue is!

The greatest significance of Himalaya Exchange is that, after the truth of the virus origin is revealed and the world condemns the Chinese Communist Party and demands compensation by freezing Chinese people's overseas assets, Himalaya Exchange is the only safe and sufficiently funded financial reservoir.

As the US virus origin investigation officially advances and the truth about governments worldwide enforcing mandatory vaccination is exposed, people will no longer trust the government. When people lose trust in the government, fiat currencies endorsed by the government will gradually exit the historical stage. The question arises: how will people conveniently buy water, food, and daily necessities in the future?

As long as there is a mobile phone and the internet, Himalaya Pay (HPAY) can be used to buy water, medicine, bread, and oil. This is the goal promoted by the PayMap community.



1. HPAY Listing Phase
   HPAY functions similarly to Swift, enabling peer-to-peer payments (building an internal circulation ecosystem).

2. Five Advantages for Merchants Using HPAY
   a. Open with zero fees, extremely low transaction costs, gaining access to a new payment channel.
   b. Facing global customers, unimpeded cross-border sales.
   c. Zero-cost exposure on GETTR social media for comprehensive business visibility.
   d. Establishing close connections with high net worth users in the global Himalaya ecosystem.
   e. Becoming an early winner in the trend of digital currency payments.

3. Target Audience for Promotion
   a. Export and import industries, such as specialties, high-end furniture, medical equipment, etc.
   b. Industries owned by oneself and friends, including food and beverage, entertainment, automobiles, yachts, hotels, etc.
   c. Online services and technology-related industries, including software industry service payments.
   d. Consulting services in various technical categories, such as tax consultation, accounting services, etc.

Value of this Site to You:
- Tutorial and strategy sharing for registration and using HPAY.
- Explore new ways to use HPAY along with cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
- Experience the Swift functionality of HPAY's peer-to-peer transactions.
- Join interest groups to discuss and share experiences in promoting HPAY.
- Entrepreneurial opportunities (preparing for launch).
- Crowdfunding initiatives (fundraising).
- ...

Welcome everyone to join hands in maintaining this community. Our goal is to establish an HPAY circle in the fields you are familiar with.

Phase One: Recruiting the first batch of founding members for the community. Together, we'll explore mainstream digital currency trading scenarios and virtual goods transactions.

Phase Two: When there are a sufficient number of HPAY users, we will begin to organize specialized groups based on industry or region, facilitate second-hand physical goods transactions, and launch personal store functionalities.

1. Currently, this site is in the free open registration testing phase, and it may require invitation-only registration in the future.
2. The PAYMAP community is not affiliated with any other organization; it is a community established by HPAY fans and users.

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"Here you can speak freely. This forum belongs to those who love freedom. You won't be banned arbitrarily here."

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1.选品 :发动更多的资源筛选产品; 

2.虚拟产品:在第一阶段 推广虚拟产品已经具备了条件;

3.包装 :为商家提供专业包装服务的商家;


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【NFSC 2nd Anniversary】06/04/2022: Connie H. Morgan: The Himalaya Coin is very clean. That's why it was so stable when the rest of the cryptocurrencies were falling. 【新中国联邦2周年】06/04/2022 摩根夫人:喜币非常干净。 这就是为什么数字货币价格大跌时,喜币的价格很稳定



更多爆料直播数据库信息(2017-2023),千万不要错过关键词搜索、AI搜索 🔍https://gettrsearch.com/  

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