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PayMap论坛-星链通信交流中心致中国用户的信|Letter from PayMap Forum - Starlink Communication Center to Chinese Users

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 9/7/2022 Miles Guo: With the development of Starlink and other satellite internet services, the CCP's Great Firewall will become ineffective. However, the CCP will try to stop Chinese people from using satellite internet through PCR tests, encouraging people to rat on each other, and installing jammers in most cities. Getter will end up as the biggest winner!

9/7/2022 文贵直播:随着星链和天网的发展,中共国的防火墙会基本失效;到那时共产党会通过测试核糖核酸、让老百姓互相检举揭发和布置干扰器来阻止中国人使用天网;盖特一定会成为大赢家!  





PayMap论坛 星链通信交流中心



我们诚挚地邀请您加入Paymap论坛 星链通信交流中心,这是一个致力于为中国星链通信用户搭建交流平台的社区。在这里,您可以与其他用户分享经验、提出问题、探讨技术,共同探索星链通信所带来的无限可能。

随着天空WIFI 星链通信在中国市场的推出,特别是StraLink已大量部署并投入使用的第二代星链卫星,不需要卫星与手机之间的额外接收硬件手机直连星链卫星的功能。我们意识到中国用户面临着独特的挑战和机遇。尽管我们迎来了一个绕开网络防火墙的新时代,但同时也面临着政府监管和控制的挑战。在这样的背景下,我们希望通过Paymap论坛 星链通信交流中心,为中国用户提供一个安全、开放、充满活力的交流平台,让您能够自由地分享想法、交流经验,共同探索星链通信的前景和可能性。 


  • 了解最新的星链通信技术和应用。
  • 分享您的使用经验和技巧,帮助其他用户解决问题。
  • 参与讨论和交流,探索星链通信的创新应用和发展方向。
  • 参与活动和赛事,与其他用户一起共同成长和学习。

无论您是星链通信的新手还是资深用户,我们都欢迎您的加入。我们相信,通过您的参与和贡献,Paymap论坛 星链通信交流中心将成为一个真正有活力、有影响力的社区,为中国星链通信用户带来更多的价值和机遇。

点击这里立即加入Paymap论坛 星链通信交流中心,与我们一起开启星链通信之旅!


To Chinese Starlink Communication Users:

Dear Users,

We cordially invite you to join the Paymap Forum - Starlink Communication Center, a community dedicated to providing a communication platform for Chinese Starlink communication users. Here, you can share experiences, ask questions, discuss technology, and explore the infinite possibilities brought by Starlink communication together with other users.

With the introduction of Sky WIFI Starlink Communication in the Chinese market, especially the second-generation Starlink satellites that have been deployed and put into use in large numbers, eliminating the need for additional receiving hardware between satellites and mobile phones, allowing direct connection between mobile phones and Starlink satellites. We recognize that Chinese users face unique challenges and opportunities. Although we welcome a new era of bypassing the network firewall, we also face challenges of government regulation and control. In this context, through the Paymap Forum - Starlink Communication Center, we hope to provide Chinese users with a safe, open, and vibrant communication platform, allowing you to freely share ideas, exchange experiences, and explore the prospects and possibilities of Starlink communication.

As a community member, you will have the opportunity to:

- Learn about the latest Starlink communication technology and applications.
- Share your usage experiences and tips to help other users solve problems.
- Participate in discussions and exchanges to explore innovative applications and development directions of Starlink communication.
- Participate in activities and competitions to grow and learn together with other users.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced user of Starlink communication, we welcome your participation. We believe that through your participation and contributions, the Paymap Forum - Starlink Communication Center will become a truly dynamic and influential community, bringing more value and opportunities to Chinese Starlink communication users.

Click here to join the Paymap Forum - Starlink Communication Center now and embark on the journey of Starlink communication with us!



Best wishes for enjoyable communication in the world of Starlink Communication!


Paymap论坛 星链通信交流中心团队

Paymap Forum - Starlink Communication Center Team



官方社交帐号|Official Social Media Account:

Gettr:  https://gettr.com/user/paymap

Instgram: https://www.instagram.com/payofmap/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PayofMap

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PayMap/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@paymap


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